Michael Baum Art

Statements, Notes, Resumes, Etc.

This collection of writings is a work in progress begun in early 2018. I will add to it going forward and reaching backward in time.
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Interview Material for Southwest Art Magazine 6/21/18
Painting Goals 4/12/18
Interview for Governors Art Show 2018
A Nod to Mr. Hopper
Notes on Paintings, 1/28/18
Rising from the Mountains, 1/2/18
Notes on Paintings, 12/14/17
On my Process. 10/31/17
A quick Comment on "Gathering Storm" 10/31/17
Brief Biography and Resume, 10/14/17
It's About the Light, 8/24/16
Canyons, 8/24/16
Early Influences, 2/19/16
Biography/Statement Michael Baum 8/24/16
Landscape, 2/20/12
Van Pelt Interview with Michael Baum, 2/19/12